Moon Wiring Club Striped Paint For The Last Post (Gecophonic)

Spare Death Icon Highlander / Seahorse (OMM)

King Midas Sound Waiting For You (Hyperdub)

Various Artists Variables EP (Mordant Music)

Khate Pareidolia (SMTG Ltd.)

Oneohtrix Point Never Rifts (No Fun Productions)

Simon Scott Navigare (Miasmah)

Black To Comm Alphabet 1968 (Type)

Tricorn & Queue Ashes Wander (Stunned)

Myrmyr The Amber Sea (Digitalis)

Animal Collective Fall Be Kind (Domino)

Thomas Koner La Barca (Fario)

Fragments Orts Of Glass (Tusco Embassy)

Zelienople Give It Up (Type)

Josephine Foster Graphic As A Star (Fire)