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After some quiet months Pontone is back to life with helping hand by K-Punk who found himself returning to Jon Hassell’s concept of “Fourth World Music”.

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This mix was prompted by the fact that, in several recent pieces of writing about music, I found myself returning to Jon Hassell’s concept of “Fourth World Music” (music that combined elements from the so-called First and Third Worlds). The mix is an attempt to bring together these new approaches with the original take on Fourth World music conceived of by Hassell and Brian Eno.

Mark Fisher aka K-Punk (http://k-punk.abstractdynamics.org/)

Concept & playlist: Mark Fisher
Execution: Pontone


  1. AGF & Craig Armstrong Konstantinopolis
  2. Jon Hassel Gift Of Fire
  3. Shackleton El Din (Part One)
  4. Ricardo Villalobos Ichso
  5. Kode9 & The SpaceApe Black Sun (Partial Eclipse Version)
  6. Lil Silva Seasons
  7. Liquid Liquid Optimo
  8. 23 Skidoo Kundalini
  9. Mantronix Big Band B-Boy
  10. Ekoplekz Temporal Drift
  11. Lazercrotch Shanghai Tunnel
  12. Miles Davis Great Expectations (excerpt)
  13. Moebius & Beerbohm 883
  14. African Head Charge Bazaar
  15. David Sylvian Brilliant Trees

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