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Pontone presents special mixtape contributed by Cybore (also known as Woebot) who has compiled his “Neue Deutsche Welle” faves.

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  1. VK88 Wir Wollen, Daß Sie Glücklich (“Alles Uber Atemtechnik” Letzte Schrei, 1981)
  2. P1/E Dependence (“Dependence / 49 Second Romance” Exil-System, 1980)
  3. Silvia Mata Hari (“Silvia” Schallmauer, 1982)
  4. Tommi Stumpf Die Stimme Des Herrn (“Zu Spät, Ihr Scheißer. Hier ist: Tommi Stumpff” Schallmauer, 1982)
  5. Die Gesunden Die Gesunden Kommen (“Die Gesunden” IC, 1982)
  6. Siluetes 61 Überrollt (“Siluetes 61″ ZickZack, 1980)
  7. Sprung Aus Den Wolken Noch Lange Nicht (“Sprung Aus Den Wolken” Faux Pas, 1982)
  8. Holger Czukay Witches’ Multiplication Table (“On the Way To The Peak Of Normal” Welt-Rekord, 1981)
  9. Die Tödliche Doris Fliegt Schnell Laut Summend (” ” ZickZack, 1982)
  10. Alexander Von Borsig Hiroshima (“Hiroshima EP” Supermax, 1982)
  11. Die Dominas Die Wespendomina (“Die Dominase” Fabrikneu, 1981)

Pontone recently asked me whether I would contribute a mix tape and I let them know that it would be fun to tie one in to the sleeve dump of my NDW vinyl sleeves that I have recently posted on my webshite. (http://cybore.me/?p=1656)

NDW is something I periodically return to. My first record was DAF’s “Die Kleinen Und Die Bosen” when I was seventeen. Five years ago I had another period of investigating this era (http://www.woebot.com/2005/11/underground_ndw_19801983.html). What propelled me into NDW this time was my having exhausted New York No Wave. When you start chasing down records by Mofungo, Blinding Headache, UT and The Coachmen – it’s official, you’re scraping the barrel. I’ve become passionately interested in radical rock music and it felt like NDW was the natural extension of that scene – even though the actual points of crossover are in themselves not interesting (Malaria! in particular leave me cold).

Last Autumn I started researching the genre a little more thoroughly than before. I contacted my German NDW acquaintances, troubled my close friend Jim “Xylitol” Backhouse, read as much as could I find but most crucially scoured the mp3 download blogs which have sprung up since that last period of research. I illegally downloaded well over three hundred NDW LPs, EPs and singles and combed through them methodically. My idea was to try and draw up a better picture of what the scene was and what the significant releases were. I ended up discovering a lot of gems and, though I did gain a greater understanding of how it all slotted together, frequently the things which really excited me were records that had fallen between the cracks.

Essentially I’ve been chasing the end of history as far as Art Rock goes. After 1987 all the radical energy that once resided in Rock went elsewhere and I believe that simultaneously White Middle-class Intellectuals right across the globe became apologists.

Matt Ingram (Woebot/Cybore)

Woebot has just released new album Moanad. Very good stuff. Check it out.

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