“Based in Poland, Pontone offer a unique variation on music documentation. Surfacing in March 2008, their blog is a real treasure trove of self and guest-curated mixtapes that may cover a particular genre, label, event or even sometimes, artist. Their Spectral Cassettes series, currently on volume 5, has drawn particular acclaim, diving into the beatifically murky hypnogogic cassette underground and there have been excellent guest mixes recently by Blackest Ever Black, K-Punk (on the metaphysics of crackle), Spykidelic, Not Not Fun and a particularly fine contribution from fine Moon Wiring Club hooked around Michael Jayston. But, despite this eclecticism, there is an elegance, eeriness and beatific coherence across everything that finds its way in to their portal”.
Jonny Mugwump

“pontone is fantastic little corner of the net for finding out more about some really interesting and worthwhile sounds. unlike so many sites (this one included) that are geared around guest mixes, pontone’s defining feature is a series of mixtapes they curate exploring a range of different sounds. it is definitely worth having a dig through the archives and checking out the impressive selection they’ve put together”
mnml ssgs

“Pontone – Tons of Mixed Tones”, is all about free mixtapes, usually between half an hour and sixty minutes, from obscure commercial labels and artists. So obscure, you could actually think they were from the netlabel scene. But they’re not. They’re all about cdrs, and custom made cds, and small amounts of cds with a special package, that cater to that fancy pansy clientele that buys those cds and treasure them as collector’s items, akin to the vinyl connoisseur (no mockery here, just pigeonholing for kicks). But, for those who prefer it free and digital, Pontone is a good entry point into many artists and labels, as there are mixtapes assorted according to artists, guests, labels, “best of the year” in the realms of the electronical obscure, and The Spectral Cassettes.”
Jitter Johnny

“the best source for independent music mixtapes on the internet. Stream or download insane numbers of mixes in different categories, from one artist to a listing of new artists to their monthly mix.It’s not hard to make a playlist and stick it online, but the musical minds behind Pontone know their shit and get it right every time. And they provide tons of info on the artists they feature, so you’re not scrambling to figure out what albums they’ve done.”
The Smogger