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We present our first mix of haunted, analogue synth-based tracks from our favourite obscure cassettes published on such labels as Gift Tapes, Pizza Night, Wagon, Gel and more.

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  1. A. Jarvis Empyrean (“She Is Also Phasing” Peasant Magik, 2008) 00:00-08:05
  2. The Goodwillies Blue Honey (“Green Machines For All The Childrens” Digitalis Ltd., 2008) 08:05-13:35
  3. Mist Untitled (“Certain Expansion” Pizza Wagon, 2009) 13:35-23:02
  4. Preslav Literary School Ohrid Must Die (“Beautiful Was The Time” Elephants & Castles, 2009) 23:02-34:43
  5. Lithium Dreams Chinese Hologram (“Omega Prism” Monorail Trespassing, 2009) 34:43-51:44
  6. Treetops Arrogant Youth (“Eternal Sky” Monorail Trespassing, 2009) 51:44-52:39
  7. Infinity Window Skull Theft (“Artificial Midnight” Arbor, 2009) 52:39-56:50
  8. Silk Flowers Chance Of Showers 56:50-70:00
  9. Field Of Hats Turning Leaves (“Myriad Features” Trilogy Tapes, 2009) 70:00-78:55

A. Jarvis “She Is Also Phasing” (Peasant Magik)

Three tracks of total John Carpenter worship. Sweeping synths, pulsing bass lines, and Kurt Russell. Jarvis takes hints from Carpenter’s classic sound and manages to incorporate elements from all of his previous work: swells of feedback, analog shimmer, and subtle, but damaged, percussion. Like all of his previous work, this is absolutely perfect. High bias chrome tapes, pro-printed covers.

The Goodwillies “Greenmachines For All The Childrens” (Digitalis Ltd.)

Tim Goodwillie is the man with a plan. As 1/3 of the mighty (VxPxC), he’s got something just for you, just in time for summer. This tape unleashes some ass-shakin’ synthesized rhythms – full of fluff and overcooked grooves. Goodwillie smokes the greenweed for the greenmachines and makes his pro-one purr. Distortion laden beats suck all the air out of the room. It just grows and grows and grows.

Mist “Certain Expansion” (Pizza Wagon)

This one off of Cleveland’s own Pizza Wagon which is a split release by Wagon run by John Eliot of Emeralds and Pizza Night run by the perennial nice guy Sam Goldberg though it doesn’t show up in either of their discographies so maybe this is a co-release venture.

Appropriately this tape is these two dudes collaborating on two sides of heavy heavy synthesizer with credits for a voice and electric violin in there though they must heavily processed in the mix because it just felt like two synthesizers oscillating as yr hurtled through zero gravity in an epic, endless somersault. Really beautiful black hole, blind folded centipede leg jams.

Lithium Dreams “Omega Prism” (Monorail Trespassing)

Subconscious, deep sleep synth journeys and duck calls channeled through the high priest, omega egg — completely improvised, yet totally fluid; such is the power of the egg. For time travel, magic spells, and webspinning. From the deserts and beaches of space to you. Soon, all will bow before the egg. edition of 90, full color covers and glossy labels.

Treetops “Eternal Sky” (Monorail Trespassing)

There’s a few different Treetops bands out there but this particular tape is from Mike Pollard, the dude who runs Arbor. Knowing that, it seems a bit strange that this tape came out on Monorail Trespassing. I’m sure he was just spreading the love.
Eternal Sky is suuuuuuper minimal. Though not quite as minimal as, say, Phill Niblock or Yoshi Wada. But this is still some bare bones drone. The opening track, “Hope Always,” sounds like the wind is breathing and “Voice Of Man” could be the sound of clouds meditating. Everything has a strong organic quality to it, even though I’m sure the only instruments used are synthesizers. But I’m pretty sure synths are one of the only ways you can make such stretched out, blob-like drone.
This is some special stuff. It’s not exactly blissful, but it’s certainly elevating. Simultaneously dense and airy. You close your eyes and lose yourself in it for long enough and you’ll wake up finding yourself levitating in your seat. Absolutely gorgeous. Highly recommended.

Infinity Window “Artificial Midnight” (Arbor)

NY duo Infinity Window’s debut cassette. Two long sides of dense, shifting, sometimes melodic drone. Second side is a bit lighter, and even gets kinda sunny towards the end. Kosmische moves to the max! Meditative . . .

Field Of Hats “Myriad Features” (Trilogy Tapes)
Jeff Hatfield – Guitars, Synth

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