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The time of revenge has come! After the summer  attack by Pontone on Exotic Pylon, the mighty Pyloners are striking back with absolutely smashing mixtape by Psychological Strategy Board, a collaboration between painter and musician Paul Snowdon (Time Attendant) and jonny mugwump (Exotic Pylon).

Industry, what Industry was completed on the day of the UK royal wedding and reflects their concerns that we are rapidly spiralling into hell.

jonny mugwump – http://exoticpylon.com
Time Attendant – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Time-Attendant/200610929989612

Download the mixtape (right click > save as)


      The Curious Dad
      Einstürzende Neubauten – Fiat Lux b) Maifestspiele (from Haus der Lüge)
      Get to your Stations
      Ekoplekz – In Pursuit (from Volume 2 cd-r)
      Nuclear Home
      Costin Miereanu – Parte Prima (seconda) (from Luna Cinese)
      Monroeville Music Centre – A004 Bell, Ukulele and Synthesizer (from Generic Product)
      Uton – Into the Forest Mind (from Unexplained Objects)
      Sugar, Wheat, Flour and Rice
      Explosion Echo’s
      Todd Dockstader – Om (from Aerial #1)
      Tony Oxley Quintet – Stone Garden (from The Baptised Traveller)
      Sculpture – Overmodulation High (from Rotary Signal Emitter)
      Chris Watson – Bucaneve (from Cima Verde)
      Umberto – Red Dawn (from Prophecy of the Black Widow)
      The March of The Worker’s Funeral (from Baku: Symphony Of Sirens. Sound Experiments in the Russian Avant-Garde)
      Tony Oxley Quintet – Stone Garden (from The Baptised Traveller)
      Father Murphy – There is a War (from No Room for the Weak)
      Dark In Hear /We have Thee / Fall Out /The Short Answer /Shooting Stars / Lets Go…
      Time Attendant – Industry, what Industry! (Unreleased)
      Hacker Farm – Hardington Marsh (from Poundland)
      Industry, what Industry!
      Have you seen our Mandy?
      Night or Day?

(interludes by Snowdon)

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