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Golau Glau‘s previous mix is still one of the weirdest of all mixes on Pontone, so we are rather thrilled to present a new GG mixtape made for their first exhibition.

Download the mixtape (right click > save as)

Golau Glau’s first exhibition took place at Test Space in Leeds from 10th-13th November, featured a new sound and photography work about the closure of public libraries, ‘Public Interest’, and a selection of other sound works, videos and photographs by Golau Glau.

http://golauglau.wordpress.com / @golauglau on Twitter



  1. Stay Frosty – Runners
  2. Opto – Golau Glau
  3. 791.437 – Kemper Norton
  4. The Rough With The Smooth – Geoff Bastow
  5. Book Of Kells – The Group Ensemble
  6. Social Work Interlude 1 (from ‘Public Interest’) – Golau Glau
  7. The Book Of Love – The Monotones
  8. The Book Lovers – Broadcast
  9. Modern Marches (from ‘HENRY’) – Golau Glau
  10. Programmed Success – Zygmunt Szram
  11. Virtual Boy – Golau Glau
  12. Teen Dreams – Hookworms

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