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We are happy to announce special guest mixtape by Ship Canal – an author of one of the most haunted album of the year “Music And Entertainment

Download the mixtape (right click > save as)

“I was proper chuffed to be doing this Pontone mix. I’m pretty sure the one I begun making was decent, but then my hard drive went apeshit and died on me. I can’t actually mix. Not records or CD’s or any of the alternative mediums I have to hand in my house. I only use a laptop and a cracked copy of Ableton to make my own music, and I totally wing it.So I decided to make a mixtape of the only stuff available to me at that point, which was whatever I had thrown onto my MP3 player at the start of the week. It’s mostly older stuff or things I had been meaning to get into for ages… so apologies for the lack of any real contemporary heft.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the mixtape and cheers for listening!”

Ship Canal


  1. Cyclobe-Brightness Falls From The Air
  2. Mark Shreeve-Phantom Waltz
  3. Franco Battiato-Ti Sei Mai Chiesto Quale Funzione
  4. Zoviet France-Low Creeper
  5. Call Back The Giants-Lay In Line
  6. John Foxx-He’s A Liquid
  7. Ship Canal-Carry Out 20 Spot Night In (A Post Pub Karaoke Version Of The Caterer By Mark E Smith)
  8. Jurgen Muller-Meeresbett Meditation
  9. Pulse Emitter-High Altitude Golden Sunset
  10. Richard Youngs-Holding Onto The Sea (Ship Canal’s This Sure Shits On Cher Vocoder edit)
  11. The Haxan Cloak-The Fall
  12. Mika Vainio-Kolmas Piiri Third Area
  13. Perc-My Head Is Slowly Exploding
  14. Ship Canal-Massive Coil Rip Off
  15. Dub Sex-Instead Of Flowers
  16. African Headcharge-Throw It Away
  17. Laurel Halo-Speed Of Rain
  18. Asmus Tietchens-Niederlage
  19. Trembling Strain-From The Window Of A Pallid Tower

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