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Our guide to “haunted audio” scene represented by artists from Ghost Box, Mordant Music and Gecophonic Productions.

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  1. Mordant Music Transmission Start-Up (“Dead Air” Mordant Music, 2006)
  2. Mordant Music Post Apocalypse Listings (“Dead Air” Mordant Music, 2006)
  3. Mordant Music Plant Room ( “Dead Air” Mordant Music, 2006)
  4. The Focus Group Echo Release (“Hey Let Loose Your Love” Ghost Box, 2005)
  5. Belbury Poly The Willows (“The Willows” Ghost Box, 2005)
  6. The Focus Group Salty Sun Tales (“We Are All Pan’s People” Ghost Box, 2007)
  7. Moon Wiring Club You Have No Gifts (“An Audience Of Art Deco Eyes, Gecophonic, 2007)
  8. The Focus Group Danse & Atoms (“Sketches And Spells” Ghost Box, 2004)
  9. The Focus Group Hey Let Loose Your Love ( “Hey Let Loose Your Love” Ghost Box, 2005)
  10. The Advisory Circle Mogadon Coffee Morning (“Other Channels” Ghost Box, 2008)
  11. Moon Wiring Club Radio Ghost (“An Audience Of Art Deco Eyes” Gecophonic, 2007)
  12. Belbury Poly Insect Prospectus (“The Willows” Ghost Box, 2005)
  13. The Focus Group Baroque Face (“Hey Let Loose Your Love” Ghost Box, 2005)
  14. The Focus Group Wake Up! He’s Here (“We Are All Pan’s People” Ghost Box, 2007)
  15. The Advisory Circle Farmland, Freeland (“Other Channels” Ghost Box, 2008)
  16. The Advisory Circle Everyday Electronics (“Other Channels” Ghost Box, 2008)
  17. The Focus Group Pan Calling (“We Are All Pan’s People” Ghost Box, 2007)
  18. The Focus Group Through The Green Lens (“We Are All Pan’s People” Ghost Box, 2007)
  19. Moon Wiring Club Autumn Fair Thursday At Four (“An Audience Of Art Deco Eyes” Gecophonic, 2007)
  20. Belbury Poly Scarlet Ceremony (“The Owl’s Map” Ghost Box, 2006)
  21. The Advisory Circle Erosion Of Time (“Other Channels” Ghost Box, 2008)
  22. The Focus Group Green Station Haunt (“We Are All Pan’s People” Ghost Box, 2007)
  23. The Advisory Circle The Old Schoolhouse (“Other Channels” Ghost Box, 2008)

“Ghost Box had a defined aesthetic from formation; Julian House explained that …the best way to put our stuff out was to start a label.. There was such a richness to the references we both shared, not just musical.. It made sense that we could put releases out which had this complete world attached to them.. A set of things united by a design identity, fragments of real or imagined books, collections of images, films, links… Something people can become lost in and want to be a part of.. Releases on the label (presently encompassing The Focus Group, Eric Zann, Belbury Poly, and The Advisory Circle) tend to share a common design aesthetic – all record covers so far have been by Julian House (there is an acknowledged debt to the iconic design of sixties Penguin Books paperbacks). There are shared elements in sound, too; Ghost Box artists tend to draw heavily on influences such as musique concrète, library music, and 1970s soundtracks. Several critics have noticed a melancholic or nostalgic element to the Ghost Box sound as well, prompting comparison to the shorter, ‘interlude’ tracks of Boards of Canada, or similar folk or psychedelia-influenced electronic musicians” – source Wikipedia.

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