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Pontone presents short guide to shoegazed and blurred slurtronics made by Kemper Norton.

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  1. Seaford Terminus (“Wintervals EP”)
  2. Pigmoth (“Knockturns EP”)
  3. Cowfolding (“A23 EP”)
  4. Unrequited 2 (“Unrequited EP”)
  5. Tinderboxer (“Knockturns EP”)
  6. Weekend Retreat (“To Iron John EP”)
  7. Afread Ofemale (“To Iron John EP”)
  8. Bolney Village (“A23 EP”)


Rising from the moribund Cornish slurtronic folk scene, The Kemper Norton Collective first gained prominence through its campaign to redefine South West Water as a range of personal and psychogeographic experiences, rather than a corporate financial brand name. The legendary Radio 3 show Mixing It gave them some valuable airplay and publicity but ultimately the campaign failed.

Embittered yet determined, the collective expanded from its Kernow base to bring coastal slurtronics to Sussex and the rest of the UK, using the then-primitive Internet to communicate and gain new followers. Copies of our first compilation album, Season One, were distributed to Northern England, Alaska, Southend and Brazil. Beautifully designed and handcrafted by eternall ally Miss Noma , this epic CD featured the work of analogue princess burnthouse, the ravening work drone employeeseven, the psychedelic acoustics of Speckle and the terrifying and mysterious Rradiant Boys, along with collective overlord Kemper Norton himself. See theirspace for details. Stuart Maconie broadcast excerpts from the album on his mighty Freakzone radio show on the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Now working on a new album, Kemper Norton intends to create and distribute a range of free EPs via this site, curate and perform more live happenings and add fresh and willing members to his growing and collaborative community.

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