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LA’s Not Not Fun, unobservedly has become one of the most prolific and coolest label, diversifying away from post-noise and hypnagogic and drone into surprisingly lush, well produced music. This year seems to be a Not Not Fun’s year (just check Maria Minerva’s stunning “Tallinn At Dawn”, Pontone’s favourite album of the year so far), so we’re glad to present special mixtape tracklisted and sequenced by Britt from NNF, containing some highlights of their recent input plus some material from forthcoming releases.

Download the mixtape (right click > save as)


  1. Jonas Reinhardt Leaving The Touch Taboo (from forthcoming “Music For
    The Tactile Dome” LP)
  2. Xander Harris Fucking Eat Your Face (from “Urban Gothic” LP)
  3. Dylan Ettinger Lion Of Judah (from “Lion Of Judah” 7″)
  4. Sand Circles Stellar Waves (from “Midnight Crimes” CS)
  5. Maria Minerva The Other Side (from “Talinn At Dawn” CS)
  6. Cankun Kids House (from forthcoming “Jaguar Dance” CS)
  7. Pedro Magina Kickflip (from “Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five” CS)
  8. Ensemble Economique Shacks Built From Plyboard (from “Physical” LP)
  9. Psychic Reality Fanta (from “Vibrant New Age” LP)
  10. Peaking Lights Amazing & Wonderful (from “936″ LP)
  11. Umberto Put Out An APB On Those Bastards (from “Freeze!” 7″)

Check out the great piece on Not Not Fun wrote by Simon Reynolds in the The Wire‘s May issue.

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