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One of the Pontone’s favourite artist and label, always fascinating Mordant Music will be building a sound installation called “Nesst” at Unsound, which will loop throughout the festival to promote the first MM DVD ‘MisinforMation’. To whet your appetite for it Baron Mordant made short but brilliant mix comprising excerpts of all new material being released late 2010 & early 2011.

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Short info from unsound.pl

Mordant Music is one of the most distinctive UK labels to have emerged in recent years, under which the shadowy Baron Mordant (Ian Hicks) releases his productions, along with an array of comrades such as Shackleton, Cosmic Dennis Greenidge, Vindicatrix, Mr. Maxted and Brian Morant. Music journalists such as Jonny Mugwump have even wondered whether some of the artists on Mordant Music are simply “just strange mythologies and emanations from the Baron himself”. Either way, the music featured on albums such as “Dead Air”, “The Tower” and “SyMtoMs” is original and shrouded in a wonderful sense of mystery that makes is defiantly out of reach, despite often being weirdly accessible. Baron Mordant will create an installation entitled “Nessst” for Unsound 2010, exploring years of hiding behind the couch while also marking the furthest he’s ever come out into the open. If this bio sounds paradoxical in various ways, let it come as no surprise…

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