pontone mixtapes

We present the recent issue of monthly mix series containing selections of our favourite tracks and records from past month (two months actually).

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  1. Minisnap New Broom (“Bounce Around” Pocket Music, 2008)
  2. Deerhunter Agoraphobia (“Microcastle” 4AD, 2008)
  3. Fleet Foxes White Winter Hymnal (“Fleet Foxes” Sub Pop, 2008)
  4. Stereolab Fractal Dream Of A Thing (“Chemical Chords” Duophonic/4AD, 2008)
  5. The Bug Freak Freak (“London Zoo” Ninja Tune, 2008)
  6. Nico Muhly The Only Tune Pt. 1: The Two Sisters (“Mothertongue” Bedroom Community, 2008)
  7. James Yorkston Tortoise Regrets Hare’ (“When The Haar Rolls In” Domino, 2008)
  8. Smile Down Upon Us Girl Of A Skin Coloured Blanket No.2 (“Smile Down Upon Us” Static Caravan, 2008)
  9. James Blackshaw Infinite Circle (“Litany Of Echoes” Tompkins Square, 2008)
  10. Bon Iver Lump Sum (“For Emma, Forever Ago” Jagjaguwar, 2008)
  11. Daedelus Fair Weather Friends (“Love To Make Music To” Ninja Tune, 2008)
  12. Micah P Hinson Tell Me It Ain’t So (“And The Red Empire Orchestra” Full Time Hobby, 2008)
  13. Max Richter Song For H/Far Away (“24 Postcards In Full Colour” Fat Cat, 2008)
  14. Paavoharju Ursulan Uni (“Laulu Laakson Kukista” Fonal, 2008)
  15. Geskia Red Lights (“Silent 77″ Flau, 2008)
  16. Rural Alberta Advantage Don’t Haunt This Palce (“Hometowns” self-released, 2008)

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