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We present the first volume of guide to new Italian experimental music.

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  1. Gianluca Becuzzi & Fabio Orsi North Of Me (At Midday) (“Muddy Ghosts Speaking Through My Machines”, A Silent Place 2007)
  2. Urkuma Retour En Arricre (“Rebuilding Panaleone’s Tree”, Baskaru 2006)
  3. Mattia Coletti Submarine (“Zero Submarine” Towntone 2008)
  4. (etre) From The Parallel Line, Before And After Me (For Faust) (“A Post-Fordist Parade In The Strike Of Events”, Baskaru 2006)
  5. ENT Beating Cherry Nipples (“Fuck Work”, Baskaru 2006)
  6. Valerio Cosi Hoboland (“And The Spiritual Committee”, Foxglove 2007)
  7. Nicola Ratti Il Silenzio di Annibale (“Prontuario Per Giovani Foglie”, Megaplomb 2006)
  8. 3/4HadBeenEliminated Nacht Und Nebel / Or To Have Eyes (“The Religious Experience”, Soleilmoon 2007)
  9. Giuseppe Ielasi & Nicola Ratti V (“Bellows”, Knig Disk 2007)
  10. Pulga Tequilla Feast (“Pulga Loves You”, Fire Museum 2007)
  11. M.B. + E.D.A. Earthly Principle (“Regolelettroniche”, Baskaru 2007)
  12. Manuel Zurria László Sary – Pebble Playing In A Pot (1980) (“Repeat!”, Die Schachtel 2008)
  13. Paolo Angeli Unravel (“Tessuti”, ReR 2007)

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