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Pontone is rather honoured to present special guest mixtape by Chris from legendary MNML SSGS – the biggest base of the best mixes in the net and the source of thought provoking articles about modern electronic dance music.

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I have been struggling with how best to explain this mix. It is partly about my attempts to break out of long ingrained conservative tendencies in the way I listen to music. It is partly a reflection of the way my tastes have been challenged and influenced by my wife, my close friends and a few other sources, of which Pontone is an important one. It is partly about trying to present a mix in a different fashion, making use of juxtapositions and ruptures, and challenging myself to order music in a way I haven’t really done before. And it is partly about exploring the contradictions that underlie much of electronic music today, where the pretense of futurism remains, despite being resolutely backwards looking in the way it is created and presented. In my case, I want ‘audacity’ and something ‘new’, but end up listening to people jamming on synths. Something doesn’t quite add up, but I am still having fun… Put these ideas together, or ignore them all, and in the end it is basically a mix of music I have discovered in 2011 and I have been enjoying. I have not been fully satisfied with many of the artists, releases and labels featured in this mix (there are some big exceptions to that statement, though, such as Roll The Dice), but each have had their moments. All of these tracks have a certain charm, something that caught my attention and attracted me. The vast majority of the music was released late 2010 or in 2011, and it is all available either digitally or on CD. Despite that annoying beep, most of it was sourced through Boomkat.

Thanks to Yuri, PC, Russ and DW for constantly challenging my conservatism, and to Pontone for agreeing to have me. This mix was strongly influenced by their excellent podcast series, and it is a pleasure to contribute to this wonderful site. One of the best parts of doing MNML SSGS is finding likeminded souls, and Pontone are most definitely our kind of people.


Chris (MNML SSGS) – “Dash forward, bravely!”


  1. Jürgen Müller – “Jenseits Des Stromes” [Digitalis Recordings]
  2. Pedro Magina – “Miyagi” [Not Not Fun Records]
  3. Sand Circles – “Stellar Waves” [Not Not Fun Records]
  4. Maria Minerva – “Hagasuxzzavol” [100% Silk]
  5. LA Vampires Goes Ital – “Streetwise” [Not Not Fun Records]
  6. Oni Ayhun meets Shangaan Electro [Honest Jon's Records]
  7. LB – “Jealous Guy (Poeme Syncope)” [KK Records]
  8. Crystal Castles – “Empathy” [Fiction Records]
  9. Ekoplekz – “Thermodub” [Mordant Music]
  10. Borngräber & Strüver – “Berlin Tribal Music” [M=minimal]
  11. Roll the Dice – “The New Black (live)” [Leaf]
  12. Bee Mask – “Causes and Cures” [Spectrum Spools]
  13. Palms – “Boundary Waters (Gavin Russom remix)” [Rare Book Room Records]
  14. Rene Hell – “Chamber Forte” [Type]
  15. Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – “Black Spring” [Astralwerks]
  16. Mist – “Mist House” [Spectrum Spools]
  17. The Miracle – “Breathe” [House Anxiety Records]

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