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Our guide to Raster-Noton label represented by such artists as alva noto, Ryoji Ikeda, Signal and more …

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  1. Ryoji Ikeda Trans-missions (“1000 Fragments” 1995/2008)
  2. Cyclo C3 (“Cyclo” 2001)
  3. Byetone Plastic Star (“Plastic Star” 2008)
  4. Mitchell Akiyama Big Sur (“Temporary Music” 2002)
  5. Signal Robotron (“Robotron” 2007)
  6. Modul Shift I (“Isol” 2004)
  7. Robert Lippok Open (“Open Close Open” 2001)
  8. Mokira Palm (“Cliphop” 2001)
  9. Frank Bretschneider Other Days, Other Eyes (“Rhythm” 2007)
  10. Pommassl Pestrepeller (“Spare Parts” 2007)
  11. COH Path#4 (“Patherns” 2006)
  12. Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto Duoon (“Vrioon” 2003)
  13. Kangding Ray Interrompu Court (“Stabil” 2006)

Raster-Noton is a German electronic music record label founded in 1996 by Olaf Bender and Frank Bretschneider. Based in Chemnitz, Germany, Raster-Noton merged in 1999 from separate labels Rastermusik and Noton (Archiv für Ton und Nichtton). The collective label’s aesthetic focus is rhythmic, minimal electronic music alternating between playful pop and introspection, partnered with unconventional and equally minimal packaging design.

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